There are many different interpretations of spirituality and soul which can be confusing. HLP encourages individuals to find their own truth that is authentic to them. In HLP, spirituality is non-denominational, and not constrained to particular religious or belief systems.

There are many different ways in which people have reported a connection with their own personal spiritual faith, for example through meditation, faith, prayer, healing, their environment and nature, music, poetry and literature, art, people and relationships. Some individuals may feel a connection to a Divine Source, Christ consciousness or higher presence that is the true source or energy of infinite unconditional love as part of their spirituality.

The soul could be considered our true Divine essence, an immortal, invisible energy, the Divine within us. Some individuals believe that our Divine essence originated from the Divine Source, Christ consciousness or higher presence of unconditional love. Some individuals also believe the soul is connected to our higher selves and carries our infinite memories, experiences and knowledge. When our soul, or our Divine essence, aligns with and embraces the Divine Source, we have the potential to reach a place of bliss or Dharma.

Mindfulness is a significant part of HLP. Mindfulness can be described as the process of coming back to the present moment or ‘awareness’. In order for a person to start recognising the destructive power of their ego, they have to develop a sense of awareness in order to recognise when the ego is in charge which can make them feel a victim, powerless, fearful or have hooks or expectations into situations or people. Mindfulness can guide people to move into their hearts and souls and release egoic thinking so that they can make different choices moving forwards that feel more authentic.

The spiritual underpinnings of HLP

HLP is based on the spiritual belief that everyone is on an individual life journey, the purpose of which is to understand and experience life lessons (such as assertiveness, joy, forgiveness). When people experience challenges, trauma or attachment difficulties, these can create blocks and restrictions, resulting in repeated patterns of behaviours and subsequent psychological distress. In HLP it is suggested that the ego maintains psychological distress because it makes people believe they are still a victim, powerless and fearful and thus prevents them from breaking out of the repeated patterns.

By becoming more mindful, HLP provides a process to learn how to become an observer to their difficulties in order to identify and understand possible life lessons. As the observer, they can learn to honour what feels right from their ‘heart’ or ‘heart and soul’ rather than their ego, and make new choices that are in keeping with their authentic self. When they learn to honour their authentic self, they will start to live a life of peace and grace rather than pain and suffering. Sometimes this process requires taking ‘leaps of faith.’

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