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Life changing

Literally just that – life changing. After spending so long feeling overwhelmed, not good enough and unlovable, Alexandra has really made a difference to my life. The workshops are simply fantastic and have given me the tools to focus on the present and change my perspective during turbulent times.

I am so grateful for Alexandra and for helping me deal with my emotions on my journey. Thank you!


Take a leap of faith

I’m from the North of England where men are men and sheep are afraid, but seriously not being one that’s ever really been open to opening up, please listen to Alexandra, take small steps, use what is good for you, what works works. Take little steps they really do become big steps. All I can really say is I was at the lowest point in my life, worse than losing my mother at 19 and going off the rails, Alexandra gave me the tools to help myself but because I wanted to help myself, you need to open your mind and heart and she will help youb


Highly recommended

Alexandra is an exceptional therapist who has helped me recognise the journey I am on, understand life lessons and live more authentically. The videos reinforce all of this and are a must watch! I have referred back to them and know I will be watching them over again to remind me of all the wonderful tools and messages Alexandra shares.

Thank you for sharing


Life changing

I worked with Alexandra virtually following a baby loss and and traumatic birth. Alexandra has a warm, personable, understanding approach and she was able to help guide me through our EMDR sessions with kindness and compassion. I found her additional workshops invaluable and I have gained tools I can utilise now and in my heart-led future. Her knowledge and support has genuinely changed my life and I will be forever grateful for our time together. Thank you Alexandra.


Saved my life

No words can describe how grateful I am Alexandra for what you did for me. I had therapies in the past but none of them taught me what you did. You have helped me to process my childhood and adulthood traumas and you equipped me to deal with my current and future issues. I know that without you I would have ended my life. Instead, I’m here, getting strong and embracing my new life journey. Thank you for saving me. Your gift is priceless.


Helped process trauma

I spent about six months working with Alexandra where she introduced me to EMDR and her workshops. I had been through a health issue, relationship breakdown and had a premature baby within a short space of time, which caused my mind to race to all sorts of places. She helped me work through the trauma, refocus on the now, change my outlook on things that I can and can’t control and look at life with a new perspective. She is extremely talented at what she does and I am forever grateful for discovering her!

L. Hill

Three really helpful workshops

Thank you Alexandra for these 3 fantastic workshops! There is so much helpful content in them. The neuroscience was really well explained with just the right amount of information to aid my understanding without being overly complicated. I also particularly liked the part about the thought bubble and the variety of mindfulness and distraction techniques which I am finding useful. And I love the Heart Led Psychotherapy approach. Thanks again 🙂

Becca McB

Helping me cope with a traumatic loss

These 3 workshops really helped me work through a very traumatic loss of a loved one in my life. Some of the mindfulness and heart-led living concepts were already familiar to me and this further reinforced this way of living. I would thoroughly recommend the workshops and the help of Alexandra who is a beautiful spiritual lady, Thank you so much 🙏

Sara Winstanley

Engaging excellent workshops

I am a EMDR therapist working in the NHS. I purchased all three of the workshops. Incredibly informative and well explained. I have learnt much which has greatly informed my practice and also helped my own self awareness.

I will be recommending these workshops to my clients, friends and family members.

Jane Stirling

Three excellent workshops

Thank you Alexandra for three excellent workshops, with lots of attention to detail delivered in a way that makes it easier to understand. I love the basic Neuro-science and the way you gently link all the subjects to each other. Your Heartled Psychotherapy is something I am very interested in and I will continue my learning in this area with you help.

Sharon Calver

A Life Changer

When I first saw Alexandra, I was exceptionally anxious and struggling to function in my career and home-life, after having a severe illness. Everything was overwhelming me, which impacted greatly on my quality of life. Alexandra refocussed me into the moment and gave me a new USP to live my life compassionately and spiritually, which feeds into my mental health more than I could have ever realised. She is a fabulous, warm-hearted listener and a wonderful human, who spreads a good that cannot be under-estimated. Her sessions have been such a game changer for how I live my life. I have my sense of calm back for the first time in so long. I have used the workshops to revise what we covered in our sessions and I will continue to refer to them to refocus me. I would thoroughly recommend Alexandra and her sessions.

J Neilson

Excellent and well put together workshops

I wanted to write a review to say how grateful I am to Alexandra for all her work on the workshops, in particular the mindfulness and heart led psychotherapy workshop. I initially purchased the workshops to expand my knowledge and understanding on mindfulness and heart lead practice with somewhat understanding around the concept prior. These videos was really well put together which I felt I got so much from them, not only expanding my knowledge but applying the practice personally.

I feel that these videos came at a surprise on how they helped me personally as it wasn’t what I anticipated. They helped me to expand my view on mindfulness and heart lead practice which helped me to develop a purpose of how practicing these could be of benefit for me to practice. I found that finding a meaning and purpose of practicing these were not always felt before, which often resulted in me not practicing this at all. I really liked how the videos gave a context to what mindfulness and heart lead practice is, strategies of how to use these and how that practicing these can be beneficial and helpful to regain a sense of presence. I have also been grateful at the ability to re-watch the videos as I’ve often found myself reconnecting with them which I hope can continue to support me living a more mindful and heart lead life.

Thank you so much

Nakita Brewster

From a dark and low place in my life.

Being in a very dark and low place in my life with some very hard work with Dr Alexandra Dent using all her Mindfulness workshop and heart led psychotherapy work, I have now been able to learn new coping skills which I now am able to use every day to help me in my every day life. These were something new to me and it was a good experience for me. Before traveling any where or having to do something new in me life and I’m anxious I take time to sit and do some mindfulness and breathing exercise which settles me down and relaxes me for my journey. I would recommend this for anyone who is going through a dark and tough time in their life, this therapy can be used every day.

Ian Summerscales


I have found the support offered by Alexandra to be invaluable at recognising my authentic self. With her support I feel I am crafting a life that is truly heart-led and acknowledges my life’s experience. She is helping me embolden in parts of my life and find and build joy into my days. Thank you.

Jenny Beaumont


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