Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: A Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice

This book is written to support clinicians or therapists to use Heart Led Psychotherapy with their clients. It provides a valuable alternative to traditional forms of psychotherapy by placing an emphasis on purpose and meaning. It also teaches clinicians or therapists how to incorporate a spiritual perspective within their working practice using a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to treating psychological distress and HLP can also be integrated with different psychotherapies.

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Illustrated by case studies to highlight key points, and including a range of practical resource exercises and strategies, this engaging book will have wide appeal to therapists and clinicians from a variety of backgrounds. Whilst written with the clinician or therapist in mind, the principles and ideas, exercises and meditations in HLP can be used by anyone regardless of whether they are a clinician, therapist, client or just someone wanting to evolve on their spiritual journey.

“This is an excellent book introducing a new spiritually informed Heart Led Psychotherapy which integrates solid trauma healing with a spiritual based perspective of soul awareness and life lessons. Alexandra Dent explains the evolving role of the therapist as a guide into the deeper wounds of the heart and soul with a clear step-by-step protocol which is used as part of a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual model to understanding life challenges and traumas. In particular, she illustrates how Heart Led Psychotherapy can be used in conjunction with EMDR, enabling multi-dimensional healing. A must read for therapists and clients alike interested in the expanding context of psychotherapy.”
Irene R. Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW; Approved EMDR Consultant; Author of The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom, and Client Transformation.
“Alexandra Dent presents a fascinating new approach to therapy which includes a spiritual element which conventional approaches tend to overlook. Her book argues passionately and lucidly that true healing has to integrate a spiritual dimension.”
Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Spiritual Science, Chair of the Transpersonal Psychology Section of the BPS
“The blend of clinical psychology uniquely with spirituality is what Alexandra is bringing forth in her book. Without spirit, there is no Science. It is time for the world to see the truth. You are not just this human form. You are spirit within manifested in human form to share experiences upon the earth in love. Therefore, the pains and fears you feel need be addressed to release through someone open, and willing to lend that helping hand to you clinically and spiritually with no judgement on either end.Thank you Alexandra for sharing openly in your book, and may you set the tone for others in your line of work. In Honour & Respect”
Keleena Malnar, Quantum Energy Healer, Wayshower of Ascension,

“Heart Led Psychotherapy (HLP) helps clients go beyond the limitations of their ego into the greener pastures of their heart and soul. This model recognises a broader perspective of life in that life is always presenting opportunities and challenges to help us connect more deeply to our authentic core.Life will inevitably present lessons that are there to help us grow. All challenging experiences, relationships, or traumas are opportunities to experience these lessons. Also, choices made from the heart lead to better outcomes than choices made from the head or ego. Sometimes such choices will require a releasing of the old and a leap of faith into the new. Making such a choice will always lead to a more authentic life. Alexandra’s inclusion of the spiritual dimension in the HLP model is probably a much welcome breath of fresh air for any therapist wishing to include the spiritual dimension in their therapeutic work.”
Steve Nobel, author, spiritual coach and creator of The Soul Matrix healing system.