Heart Led Psychotherapy workshops and courses

In addition to writing her book, Dr Alexandra Dent was writing her book, she has presented her work at the:

  • UK Transpersonal Psychology Conference in September 2018, entitled ‘The new Heart Led Psychotherapy Model for treating psychological distress.’
  • West Midlands Regional EMDR group in March 2019, entitled ‘EMDR and Mindfulness and EMDR and Spirituality.’
  • ‘Mindfulness based EMDR’ two day workshop in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2019.
  • ‘Mindfulness based EMDR’ free EMDR Association online webinar in September 2020.
  • ‘A BioPsychoSocialSpiritual Approach to Treating Trauma’ online workshop in October 2020.
  • ‘Advanced workshop on BioPsychoSocialSpiritual Approach to Treat Trauma’ online in January 2021.
  • ‘Using Light Language in Psychotherapy’ workshop at the BPS Transpersonal Psychology Conference, September 2021.
  • ‘A biopsychosocialspiritual appraoch to clinical practice: Heart Led Psychotherapy’ one day workshop for the Mindfulness Reading Group, September 2021.

Except for the Mindfulness workshops, all of the other workshops were illustrating how to use a BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to treating psychological distress, where HLP was the spiritual psychotherapeutic approach.

Dr Alexandra Dent is available to run workshops and courses to trained professionals and therapists/clinicians as well as within organisations. If you would like Alexandra to run a workshop or course on HLP (which will include mindfulness), please contact her with your specific requirements.


Spiritual workshops and courses

There are many different workshops and courses around the globe which you may be interested in attending. Please make sure that whatever you attend is run by a reputable and authentic practitioner. Some ideas are provided in the Website section below but there are many others not listed which may be more suitable for you and you are also encouraged to do your own research and go on reputation and word of mouth from trusted others.

Soul level healing

HLP has two working models, one of which is the Heart and Soul Led (HASL) model. The HASL model not only involves supporting individuals to live life through the heart and soul but also includes the option of healing at a soul level.

Of course this is very personal area and not everyone believes in the concept of a soul, and that is OK. HLP can still work just as effectively using the Heart Led (HL) model. If the concept of a soul resonates with you, then HLP will support you to live an authentic life by making heart and soul led choices.

In addition, if you are open to the idea that a soul reincarnates, you may like to consider exploring soul level healing. It is important to highlight that there is no scientific proof in reincarnation or soul level healing (aka past life therapy) and that these ideas are based on spiritual beliefs.

Alexandra does also not make any claims to the accuracy or effectiveness of different spiritual belief systems or soul level healings and individuals are encouraged to discover what resonates with them and find their own spiritual truth.

Why consider soul level healing?

Some spiritual teachings suggest that our souls are on a journey in order to understand and experience life lessons and our souls may go through many different life times in order to facilitate this learning.

During certain lifetimes you may have found yourself in difficult or challenging situations where you had been forced to do something against your wishes or your Divine nature. For example, being forced to marry someone you didn’t love, often for the preservation of family honour, or not being allowed to marry someone you loved, because you or your lover were not deemed to come from a good enough or worthy background. You may have been forced to fight in a war or battle even though this was against your values.

There are many different scenarios and examples of this are frequently relayed in history books, literature or illustrated in period dramas such as Pride and Prejudice.

When these situations happened and souls were forced to do something against their values, it is believed by some that this created blocks and restrictions at a soul level. Examples of such blocks and restrictions include making vows of self-sacrifice, obedience, penitence, poverty or chastity. Sometimes contracts may have been made between souls, for example a healing, protection or soulmate contract.

Other potential blocks and restrictions include pacts, bindings, and curses. The difficulty when such blocks and restrictions occurred is that they may have been carried through to and impacted on subsequent lifetimes, making it even more challenging to learn the life lessons or make the choices in keeping with our authentic self.

There are many different ways that soul level healing can be done which include Akashic Record clearing, Shamanic journey and Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression. There may be other soul healing therapies that you are guided to try.

Some alternative practitioners (such as reflexologists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, Reiki Masters etc.) may also have experience or training at working at a soul or past life level. When considering an approach, please make sure that whatever work you undertake is done with an authentic and reputable practitioner.


Below are some references to websites that you may wish to explore which include a variety of mindfulness meditation and spiritual websites, courses or healing modalities. No responsibility is held by Heart Led Psychotherapy for the websites or information provided below. Please just be guided by what feels right or resonates for you as this is very personal.

www.dharma.org – A website offering information about insight meditation tradition and retreats.

www.drirenesiegel.com – Information about classes, workshops, retreats and online distance learning courses, integrating psychotherapy with shamanic healing.

www.thefourwinds.com – Information on the world’s renowned school of energy medicine, offering retreats, online training, resources etc.

www.franticworld.com – The website that accompanies Mark Williams & Danny Penmans book, with links to further meditations and books, upcoming talks, events and retreats. Also has a forum in which you can discuss experiences and share these with others.

www.gaiahouse.co.uk – Meditation retreat centre offering silent meditation retreats with a Buddhist tradition.

www.headspace.com – Online support on how to learn to meditate with resources for children and adults.

www.heartledpsychotherapy.com – The official HLP website.

www.liz-king.co.uk – For information and support on Akashic record work, soul retrieval, past life regression, psychic guidance and so much more.

www.mindfulnesscic.co.uk – Information on Mindfulness retreats, courses, workshops and teacher training.

Reuniting spirituality and psychotherapy. Interview with Steve Nobel

Today was my first attempt at being interviewed about Heart Led Psychotherapy and my book, ‘Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice’.


For some, this would have been an easy task, but for me it was learning to let go off fear and speak from the heart and not worry about judgements or what others may think. A process of learning to have my voice heard and discuss an area dear to my heart and soul: spirituality.

Listening back to the recording I can notice many places which I could have improved, changed, added to etc – my ego has been racing ten to the dozen! So I am bringing myself back into my heart and soul area to acknowledge that I did the best I could and it is the start of this journey of promoting Heart Led Psychotherapy beyond the safe confines of the clinical room. A beautiful journey of finding and holding on to self-love and self-compassion!