It can be difficult to know whether a particular therapeutic approach is right for you or the people you work with. Below are some testimonials from Dr Alexandra Dent’s clients who have been keen to share their stories and experiences to illustrate the positive impact HLP has had on their lives, with the hope that others may also benefit from this approach.

“I initially sought out Dr Alexandra Dent as an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapist, in the hope that the therapy would heal my mind after a very stressful couple of years having had two children with chronic health issues. Life had become a juggling act of hospital stays, appointments and trying to run my business; there seemed little time to focus on myself and in trying to be the best mother, wife and business owner, I lost my identity and the ability to connect with my inner self.

Alexandra introduced me to Heart Led Psychotherapy early on in our work and I began to realise that during the busy-ness of life and the traumatic events I’d experienced, I had instinctively protected my heart and soul and in doing so I had become completely disconnected from both. When I realised this, I felt a genuine sense of loss and grief for my inner self, a sadness that I had neglected my heart and my inner desires, mainly due to the power of the ego. This realisation was to become the start of a multidimensional healing process and with Alexandra’s expert guidance I began to live a more heart led life. Alexandra began by teaching me the valuable lesson of surrendering, not only to past traumatic events with the help of EMDR but also to present and future life events outside my control. She taught me to surrender also to the divine source and in doing so I was able to focus on my hearts desires and gain inner strength when I most needed it.

Instead of making decisions based on fear and judgement I’m now able to make decisions based on what my heart and soul feels is right and the decisions I have made since, have helped me to find inner peace and contentment in a hectic life where I didn’t think this would be possible. By listening to my heart and soul I have realised that I feel most content when helping others and for this reason I have set up a charity called ‘Heart Buddies’ to help other children and families affected by congenital heart disease. This decision was largely based on disregarding the ego and listening solely to my heart and soul.

With the help of Alexandra and her Heart Led Psychotherapy, I have embarked upon a huge journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. The therapy has not only healed my mind but also encouraged healing on a much deeper level, enabling me to think with a heart led approach and as a result I am not only a better Mother, wife and business owner, I am now the most authentic version of myself. I feel confident that with future life events, I will not shut down with self-preservation. I understand that to heal, I must FEEL…and that to feel, is to LIVE, learn and GROW.”
Chloe’s testimonial

“I’ve had the benefit of HLP over the last year. Through my sessions with Alexandra I’ve found new ways of understanding the ways in which the ego, heart and soul interact. I’ve become far more conscious of the pitfalls of sacrificing my deep held feelings in order to be seen to comply with superficial human constructs. I’ve felt hugely positive impacts from each session as I have been helped and encouraged to explore this. HLP has also introduced me to techniques around mindfulness and meditation which I now use very regularly to help me overcome the latest challenges that life throws at me. I thoroughly recommend that anyone open their mind to connecting with the heart and soul led approach that Alexandra brings to such brilliant effect.”
Matt’s testimonial
‘Heart Led Psychotherapy (HLP) has been instrumental in helping me work through a very tough and traumatic time in life.

Being faced with challenges in both my professional and personal life, HLP has helped me understand how decisions I made and repeated behaviour patterns resulted in the painful situations I was in.

The process HLP uses is now enabling me to differentiate decisions made by the ego versus the ones made by the heart, and the different outcomes these deliver. Learning how to make choices from the heart and soul has been key to drastically improving my decisions, which in turn are helping me lead a far happier and more authentic life where I now feel I am being true to myself.’
Natalie’s testimonial

“I had attempted to resolve my depression and anxiety issues several times over many years. I had spoken to different professionals, all using varying methods, but unfortunately, I had been unable to find the right approach to help me.

I came across Alexandra’s advert in a local magazine and was drawn to it. From the first session to our last, she has been amazing. I had never heard of the ‘Heart Lead Psychotherapy’ method she uses, but her confidence and passion in it gave me the hope and more importantly the trust in her to move forward with it.

HLP helped me to gain the confidence to step into my past and to address issues which had never previously been resolved. Alexandra’s warmth, patience, gentility and passion for the Heart Lead Method, has helped me to have the courage to process experiences which had shaped my life in the extreme and held me back as a result.

Taking what I have learnt from Alexandra, I am moving forward with my life, living in a Heart Lead way. It’s been life changing not only for me, but for those around me. I cannot thank Alexandra enough.”
Cathy’s testimonial

“Using HLP, Alexandra as taught me how to follow my heart and how to control, not only the negative thoughts I have of myself, but also my perception of others towards me (the ego). Having awareness of my ego and controlling the negative urges of self-loathing that kept me from moving forward in life, seemed such an impossible challenge. HLP has taken me on a journey of discovery, allowing me to mindfully take every day as it comes, giving me the awareness and strength needed to understand when I am being tested. This indescribable feeling of freedom is something I could never have imagined. Thank you Alexandra”
Simon’s testimonial