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About Us

The aim of this website is to guide people to start living a heart and soulful life. This may include buying Alexandra Dent’s book ‘Using Spirituality in Psychotherapy: The Heart Led Approach to Clinical Practice’ which is available on Amazon or through bookstores. Although this book is primarily written for clinicians and therapists, the ideas and principles in the book apply to everyone and many of her clients have already purchased the book to guide them on their heart and soul led journeys. In addition, some meditation resources have been provided on this website as well as ideas about soul level work and possible avenues to explore.

Courses and workshops

You may be interested in having some training or teaching in how to use Heart Led Psychotherapy, whether it is in clinical practice or a work environment. Different training and teaching packages can be tailored to your individual or specific needs and can include learning the ideas of HLP as well as Mindfulness training. Please complete the box below, by providing some idea on what areas are of interest to you.

Heart Led Psychotherapy is unable to reply to personal therapeutic requests for individuals as it is primarily focusing on teaching and training. If you are wanting therapeutic support to help you with psychological difficulties, it is strongly recommended that you find a reputable clinician that you can work with.