It can be difficult to know whether a particular therapeutic approach is right for you or the people you work with. Below are some testimonials from Dr Alexandra Dent’s clients who have been keen to share their stories and experiences to illustrate the positive impact HLP has had on their lives, with the hope that others may also benefit from this approach.

“Alexandra’s heart led psychotherapy and mindfulness training video’s were a true gift for me personally and professionally at this juncture in my life. Alexandra’s insightful, authentic and compassionate understanding of the difficulties of our individual life lessons, has helped me to reflect on being attuned again to my heart intuition.

I have reflected once again on the people I have brought into my life – the mirrors they hold up to me – and the life lessons I continue to work on.

The mindfulness video has given me an understanding of the complexities and subtleties in being mindful and aware from moment to moment – in the here and now.

Thank you, Alexandra, for investing the time, energy and commitment in developing these videos – they have helped me recreate my intention to live mindfully.

I have no doubt that they will bring kindness, compassion and balance for many others along their life journeys.”
Alice Vine, Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist, EMDR Consultant

“Dr Alexandra Dent’s workshop have really helped me evaluate and improve my day-to-day way of living. I felt like I was in a therapy session with her, and the best part is that since it is recorded, I can go back to the session every time I need it. Her workshops are very informative as well as very easy to follow. She does a great work at explaining and breaking things down so they are easy to process. Not only does she go into detail about different topics but she also gives great pointers to apply these techniques into your everyday life which for me it is crucial. I very much recommend her workshops. The best part is that they are very affordable compared to a 1-hour therapy session and you have the recordings for the rest of your life.”
Rebecca C, Psychology graduate
“This three-part workshop is an incredible resource to support you on your journey in life. Each workshop provides you with great knowledge, wisdom and practical tools & techniques to deal with life challenges. Alexandra’s approach in this series is easy to interpret and apply, whether you are a beginner or already have some understanding around psychology or mindfulness. If you are in search for support, a guide or even if you’re seeking to enhance and expand your mind and awareness, I would highly recommend both this series and Alexandra’s work”
Luca Sohal – Coach + Mentor
“I truly feel that Alexandra, in these workshops, has created a reassuring companion with which anyone who has suffered with anxiety or stress can work along with. Each of the videos provide honest, shared experiences that I personally connected with, having often struggled with similar issues in the past. As someone who has always been prone to over-thinking, I thought the revelation of the “thought bubble” to be particularly helpful. Crucially, it’s a comfort to know I can return to these workshops to help me through difficult times in future too.”
Chris A
“In this on-line Mindfulness workshop Alexandra Dent has managed to make complex ideas beautifully accessible, combining clear and helpful psychological explanations with short meditation practices to give you an excellent introduction to mindfulness.

A lovely first taste if you are new to mindfulness, and a great reminder if you are more experienced in the art and science of mindful awareness.”
Mark Williams – Co-author, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World

“Heart-led psychotherapy is an exciting new spiritual approach to psychotherapy that is pervaded with wisdom and insight and has great practical benefits.”
Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Extraordinary Awakenings