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HLP Workshop

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This is a 38-minute workshop teaches you the pathway of how to live a heart-led and authentic life. This is based on Heart Led Psychotherapy (HLP) which I developed in 2019 and have published a book and academic paper introducing these concepts and ideas.

The HLP pathway is based on the premise that everyone is on an individual life journey to understand and experience life lessons (such as assertiveness, joy, forgiveness).

When you experience challenges, trauma or attachment difficulties, these can create blocks and restrictions, resulting in repeated themes and subsequent psychological distress.

The ego maintains psychological distress because it makes you feel a victim, powerless and fearful and thus prevents you from breaking out of the repeated patterns.

HLP teaches you to recognise the impact of your ego, encouraging you to metaphorically step outside of your challenges and become an observer so that you can understanding the life lesson each challenge presents.

Learning to recognise and honour what feels right from the ‘heart’ rather than the ego enables you to experience the lesson and make new choices in keeping with your authentic selves. Sometimes this process requires taking ‘leaps of faith’.

This workshop not only teaches you HLP in detail but is also experiential and I teach you exercises on how to connect with your heart and learn how to make heart led choices and move into heart coherence. Mindfulness is an essential part of living a heart led life so it is definitely worth watching the Mindfulness workshop as well to help you with this pathway.

Free You Tube videos to go alongside this workshop include: