Workshop 1


Psychoeducation Workshop

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The first part of the Psychoeducation Workshop is approximately 50 minutes long and discusses some basic neuroscience about the mechanisms involved when you experience a trauma or stressful situation.

It also covers the role of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and Hormonal System when under stress or trauma and the impact this then has on our bodies. I discuss the role of emotions and how different emotions result in different hormones secreted and how we can positively change this by intentionally connecting with different emotions to help the body heal and come in to coherence.

The second part of the workshop looks at the relationship between our thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and behaviour. Under stress or negative experiences, we can get caught up in a vicious negative cycle of thinking and I introduce two ways to break out of this cycle. The first is using distraction techniques and the second is learning to challenge the negative thoughts.

Each of these are discussed in some detail. The other two ways to break out of this negative thought cycle are covered in a lot of detail in the remaining two workshops (Mindfulness and Heart Led living).