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Mindfulness Workshop

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This comprehensive workshop on Mindfulness is 78 minutes long and teaches you everything you need to know to get you started on a mindful journey. It is full of valuable resources and strategies and is very experiential, with plenty of exercises and techniques throughout the workshop.

Firstly, I introduce the ‘Thought Bubble’ and illustrate how we get caught up in overthinking and overanalyses which keeps us stuck in a negative thought cycle and either living in the past or future.

I then break Mindfulness down in to two areas, Informal Mindfulness (learning to connect in the here and now using your senses) and Formal Mindfulness (embracing what you feel from an emotional and physical perspective within you and this can also involve a meditation practice if that resonates with you).

I teach you 4 key concepts of Mindfulness that have been invaluable to me; Awareness, Acceptance, Compassion and Non-Judgement. I then teach you and exercise on how to Mindfully breathe. Mindfulness for me has been profound and an essential part of my ability to work through many challenges and traumas in my life and I hope that this will also provide you with the tools to get going on this amazing journey. Learning Mindfulness is also essential if you want to start living a heart led and authentic life (covered in the 3rd workshop).

If you have a history of dissociation then I would strongly recommend you practise the Informal Mindfulness strategies first and get confidence in using these techniques before embarking on the Formal Mindfulness strategies. This will teach you how to safely learn to connect with your surroundings before trying to connect with how you feel emotionally and physically within you.

Free You Tube videos to go alongside this workshop include: